Seminar on design protection

Thursday February 06 2014

In this seminar you could learn and discuss on agreements and disputes; the classic delimitation in Design Law between appearance and technical functionality; international registration of industrial designs, and design protection from a Swedish perspective.

EP Update and some elements of EP Patent Practice

Friday November 22 2013, Stockholm

In this seminar you could learn how to better understand the grant and opposition procedures in the EPO, and how to handle them to your advantage in a real situation. The seminar was arranged by IP Akademin (the Swedish IP Academy).

Patent Infringement

Thursday November 21 2013, Stockholm

Annual meeting for 2013 and a full-day seminar on Patent Infringement, open to all. This day was held in connection with the seminar EP Update and some elements of EP Patent Practice (November 22).

Russian Baltic IP Seminar

Thursday March 07 2013

FICPI Sweden arranged a seminar on Intellectual Property in Russia and the Baltic states in March 2013.

Årsmöte 2012

Thursday November 15 2012, Stockholm

Årsmöte i FICPI Sweden ägde rum den 15 november 2012.

Direkt efter årsmötet var det ett seminarium om patenttroll och domännamnspirater.

Current Patent Practice in Japan

Thursday March 29 2012, Stockholm

The topic of this year's spring meeting was on Japanese patent practice. Two experienced Japanese speakers, Yoshikazu Tani and Kay Konishi gave an update on Japanese patent practice.

Årsmöte 2011 och seminarium

Friday December 09 2011, Stockholm

Före seminariet hölls årsmöte i FICPI Sweden.

Förmiddagens tema var status för gemenskapspatentet (EU-patentet) och upprättandet av en gemensam europeisk patentdomstol.

Eftermiddagens program tog upp aktuell praxis och praxisändringar i EPO, åtföljt av en paneldebatt.

Dessutom en kort introduktion om EQE Pre-Exam

Open Seminar on European Trademark & Design Protection

Thursday September 08 2016

Almost everything has changed in 2016!

Now, at this event, we will deal with all he news related to EU Trade Marks and Community Designs, and what it means for IP protection from a Scandinavian point of view. The Regulation (EU) No 2015/2424 of the European Parliament and the Council amending the Community trade mark regulation entered into force on 23 March 2016. From that day, the Office is called the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) and the Community trade mark is called the European Union trade mark. But, that is not the only news…

IP Aspects of Life Sciences and Med Tech

Thursday May 22 2014, Lund, Sweden

Annual Meeting of FICPI Sweden

Thursday November 20 2014

Please note that the registration for the annual meeting is only open to members of FICPI Sweden

Open Afternoon Seminar

Thursday November 20 2014

At this seminar, we will report on issues dealt with at the FICPI Executive Committee meeting in the first week of November, in Barcelona, Spain

Seminar on “Admissible Claim Amendments in Europe, Japan, US and India”

Thursday February 12 2015

On this occasion, we will deal with the possibilities of making claim amendments during prosecution of a patent application, before grant, or once a patent has already been granted. When drafting a patent application, a diligent patent attorney analyzes the prior art, but it is still a frequent situation that additional prior art is found after filing the application, often after a relatively long period of time.

Then, we face the challenge of limiting the scope of the claims whilst protecting the foreseeable embodiments of the invention. In virtually all jurisdictions, such amendments require support in application as filed. However, the law and practice varies across the jurisdictions.

At the seminar, we will try to find out whether there are any significant differences.

Seminar on “Virtual Designs, 3D printing, and Utility Models”

Thursday May 21 2015

FICPI Sweden is arranging a seminar on “Virtual Designs, 3D printing, and Utility Models” on May 21.

Whole day seminar on IP infringement in the Virtual World, 3D printing, and Utility Models

Thursday May 21 2015

FICPI SWEDEN runs regular seminars in Sweden focusing on current issues and trends in IP. The speakers are normally FICPI members from other countries of the world. The seminars are open for all, but FICPI members enjoy a reduced registration fee.

The impact of innovation.

Thursday September 24 2015

A full day seminar on how to take proper care of your ideas and how to set up strategic plans for long lasting and valuable intellectual property protection.

Open seminar: The IP Practitioner – Adding to Innovation?

Wednesday November 25 2015

In connection with the annual meeting of FICPI SWEDEN on 25 November 2015, we will focus on the role of the IP practitioners. FICPI has recently made a study and compiled a comprehensive report. The work was led by the former FICPI President John Orange, Toronto, Canada, and we are fortunate to have him as a speaker on this occasion, along with Daniel Alge, Vienna, Austria.

Open seminar on ”Patent claims with functional features”

Friday February 12 2016

Patent Claims with Functional Features – good or bad? What is the situation in Europe, the US and China?

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