Nils Ekström

Senior patent attorney at Volvo Corporate Intellectual Property


Nils is responsible for patent enforcement and defense cases. Before his position at Volvo Corporate Intellectual Property he spent 13 years in private practice at AWAPATENT, Albihns and Göteborgs Patentbyrå. At AWAPATENT, known for its business perspective, Nils took an interest in business development and became engaged in business development via Connect Väst and Venture Cup. During the years at Albihns, Nils also took an interest in education participating as a CEIPI tutor for EQE training as well as promotion of the IP sector via engagements in organizations representing patent attorneys such as SPOF and epi, at which organizations he has been a member of the Board. Nils has also previous experience from the industry as an in-house patent attorney and from Patent- och Registreringsverket as a patent examiner.

IP Aspects of remanufacturing. In today’s world with more focus on the impact on the environment from various industries, remanufacturing has become interesting. Remanufacturing is a process when a device is refurbished or upgraded by dismounting of the article and replacement or upgrading of certain parts. Remanufacturing may have a great value for the environment as well as a great business potential, since resources are saved by keeping large portions of a device, which portions are still functional, while replacing or upgrading minor worn out components. Remanufacturing can be made on an industrial scale. From an IP perspective remanufacturing o patented devices is in the borderline between allowed repair and provision of a new article. Further the questions of indirect infringement may have an impact. Nils will give an introduction to the topic and IP aspects associated thereto.



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