Open seminar on ”Patent claims with functional features”

Friday February 12 at 08:30, to Friday February 12 at 17:00

FICPI Sweden
is arranging an open seminar on  “Patent Claims with Functional features – Good or Bad?” 
What is the situation in Europe, the US and China?

Venue: Westmanska Palatset,  Room ”Bryggarkungen”, Holländargatan 17, Stockholm


FICPI SWEDEN runs regular seminars in Sweden focusing on current issues and trends in IP. The speakers are normally FICPI members from other countries of the world. The seminars are open for all, but FICPI members enjoy a reduced registration fee.

Now, at this event, we will deal with a tricky aspect of claim drafting: “Patent Claims with functional features – good or bad?” We believe that the practice differs across various jurisdictions. At the European Patent Office, the Examiners often raise objections to such claims under Art. 84, for lack of clarity.


Please read more in the full invitation below. (PDF)



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