Thursday March 28 at 00:00

Claiming priority on the border of trademark and design

The border between design and figurative trademarks is blurring. Protecting a figurative trademark as a design – and vice versa – requires a careful strategy to fulfil the novelty criteria of the design application. Also, how does the new regime of moving and three dimensional trademarks impinge on the assessment of novelty of a design and on the border between trademark and design protection? What is the best practice from a strategic point of view?

Claiming priority on the border of design and patent

Different requirements on the drawing in different jurisdictions make the priority claim for a design application more complex than expected. What exactly are those differences and how can they be handled?

Claiming priority - patent

What are the relevant priority challenges for the international patent applicants in 2019? What are the international takes on the issues of conflicting and suicidal priorities that has plagued the European patent applicants for the past decade? Many practitioners took a sigh of relief when the EPO seemed to solve the problem of conflicting priorities and suicidal divisional applications in Europe. Is the conflicting priorities issue still relevant in any jurisdiction? If so, where? And what do we need to consider to properly transfer the right to priority?

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